Cultivating Stillness

Cultivating Stillness

Recently, I returned refreshed and inspired from a weeklong meditation and healing retreat at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. I was again reminded of the importance of “being” as opposed to “doing.”

In my view, a spiritual retreat is a means of touching in with the core of our beings for a period of time. The process of leaving daily routines behind and interrupting the habitual thoughts that occupy our minds moves us from being fixed to being open.

I experienced two seminars; one with John of God, a healer from Brazil and the other with Pema Chodron, a Buddhist Nun. Each offered unique spiritual gifts, and both included many opportunities for meditation and insight. The experience of being ‘on retreat,’ which in Tibetan means “drawing the boundaries” and “leaving our worldly concerns behind” has left me with a renewed awareness of the vastness of my being. These are the gifts I will carry forward into my life.

Some of the gifts I received came in the form of ideas. Pema Chodron shared this, “The most important thing is to leave a gap” in the busyness of life. She explained that learning to live in these gaps in our lives opens us to live to our full potential. Inside “the gap,” we escape out of our “tunnel vision” and begin to notice life within us and around us.

The message I received from John of God was to stay open to miracles and to take responsibility for our healing. Each person was encouraged to look inside and see what lifestyle changes they may need to make to enhance their healing process. Both of these spiritual teachers included meditation, insight, and action into their prescription to live a healthier and happier life. The internal and external environment are both to be examined for optimal opportunity to heal and grow and reconnect with our infinite nature.

The Omega environment for these retreats was conducive for introspection. Cell phones, computers and tablets were shunned. Nature, quiet and stillness were recommended. The food was simple. Long periods of silence were punctuated by the occasional question by a participant. The sound of the rain, the babbling brook and the softness of the breath entering and exiting the body were the canvas for the vastness of the “gap” in life to expand. The participants shared an unwritten code of commitment to their spiritual growth. The long periods of silence allowed the individual to merge into the ocean of oneness.

This oneness could be described as “spaciousness.” This spaciousness is the conduit for the mystery of life and miracles to occur. There is surrender into the moment that is so deep and profound that the mind gets left outside the door and the heart melts into tears of love.

Gifting yourself with a spiritual retreat may be just what you need to inspire you and reinvent your life.

When modern life is busy, it can consume us until we step away and nurture our inner world. A retreat offers us the “gap” to enter into the unknown and become familiar with the “deep abiding presence” that Pema Chodron refers to as being at the center of ourselves. This is the place where deep self-discovery is attained and we begin to know the essence of our eternal nature. Within this “gap,” we receive guidance into taking our next steps in life and living our fullest potential.

The Best Schools Ever

The Best Schools Ever

England’s private schools, traditionally called public schools, have been famous for hundreds of years. The Duke of Wellington is reputed to have said that the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton. Eton, and Winston Churchill’s school, Harrow, and many others, have established, and maintain to this day, a standard of education that attracts the children of rulers, aristocrats and oligarchs from all over the world. Yet two generations ago England possessed even better schools, some of which sent more students to Oxford and Cambridge Universities than even Eton or Harrow. And these schools were open to bright children from the humblest homes.

In the years following the end of the Second World War, all children in the United Kingdom took an examination at the age of ten years to determine the nature of their secondary education from the age of eleven. Called ‘The Eleven Plus,’ all those who passed were provided with free education at a grammar school. Those who failed were educated at a secondary modern school, with the option of a transfer to a technical or commercial school at the age of thirteen. In this system, each child was assessed and assigned to the level of education to which they were best suited.

With the rigour of the Eleven Plus examination, it might have been supposed that all the students of the grammar schools were potential university material but this was no so. At the end of the first year, roughly half of the students entered the ‘A’ stream heading towards Academe, and the other half were expected to leave after the ‘O’ level examinations at the age of sixteen, or pursue other routes to a commercial or professional career. About five percent of all children went on to university and most of these came from grammar schools, with Manchester Grammar School regularly topping the league table ahead of all the leading public schools.

There is no doubt that the grammar schools were the best schools England ever had, and the system in which they operated was the fairest yet devised. Clever children from poor homes were admitted and the door was barred to children of rich parents if they couldn’t make the grade. Entry was purely on merit. It is often said that in England the prime minister is always from Eton or another top public school, but for a few years prime ministers like Margaret Thatcher took the elevator of the grammar school to high public office. This was possible for a few fleeting years, but by the mid-1960s the grammar schools were swept away by the government of Harold Wilson, leaving once again the pursuit of excellence to the private sector.

The Benefits You Get With A Modern Fingerprint Door Lock

The Benefits You Get With A Modern Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint door locks are commonly used across various secure locations throughout the world. Corporate and government establishments that are required to be particularly sensitive towards the issues of privacy and security are some of the most prominent customers of fingerprint door locks. The obvious security advantages that the technology provides compared to other several lock systems definitely make the investment on fingerprint door lock appear worthy.

Automated entry and exit systems

Fingerprint door locks come equipped with automated door opening and closing systems, which ensures the exclusive entry of authorized persons inside the secure premises. Only a set number of people can be authorized to use the automated entry and exit, while numeric codes can also be used alternatively. Using such systems has been observed to significantly reduce the possibility of unauthorized entry or infiltration within the premises. Some lock systems also come equipped with dual lock systems that require identification even during exits, so as to ensure extra security.

Better security alarm features

Besides the prevention of unauthorized entry, suitable contingency security arrangement in the event of an attempted breach is equally important. To address this very issue, lock manufacturers now pre-install smart alarm technologies as well as electronic warning systems. This lock also come pre-installed with heat sensors that are able warn personnel with sound alarms in the event of fire.

More accurate biometric detection

Vulnerabilities with traditional fingerprint identification systems have meant that manufacturers now need to ensure an even better biometric detection with their fingerprint door lock. Some prominent manufacturers have come up advanced living biometric detection, which scans the inner fingerprint of people accurately in high resolution. Thus such provisions ensure the prevention of forged entry within the secure premises. Thus, potential offenders will need to think twice before breaching a door.

Extended durability

Several advances in modern times have meant that a fingerprint door lock can now work uninterrupted for several years. Some lock models can even function outdoors because of protective features like waterproof and high-voltage protection circuits functions. The best ones in the market also come with self-check features that can communicate the authorized personnel about whether the lock is in perfect working condition or not.

Affordable models available as well

The use of a fingerprint door lock is no longer limited to just corporate or government establishments. Facilities, including schools, hotels and even some houses have also chosen to install the lock. The lowering prices and the availability of affordable models have meant that the market has become more favorable towards the systems. The popularity can be attributed to affordable pricing yet qualitative functioning. Thus, if you desire extra security for your premises, buying a fingerprint door lock could indeed be a good decision.

The New Generation of Landscape Lighting That Will Impress You

The New Generation of Landscape Lighting That Will Impress You

Solar landscape lighting is getting increasingly popular lately. In many regions, they already outsell the traditional landscape lighting that depends exclusively on the power grid. Besides massively cutting expenses on electricity bills, solar lights manufacturers broke the traditional design barriers by offering several visually appealing designs that have made it even more preferable among customers. Now the next generation of solar lighting is here, which isn’t just more practical and efficient, but also allows customers to choose their own color scheme that suits their mood.

A revolutionary shift from traditional lighting systems

In the past, solar landscape lighting was understood by manufacturers and customers as the ordinary lighting that simply plugged its electricity on solar batteries. But new advances in technology have ensured that customers now get to choose from exciting new designs which aren’t just aesthetically pleasant, but also give customers the option to choose several wonderful light schemes for lighting from a single lamp. So if you would want to light your gardens and outdoors in an aesthetically beautiful manner, you now have the power to do so.

No more dullness

The use of multicolor lamps certainly isn’t new. However, installing one certainly wasn’t very convenient in the past. Besides spending a big fortune on the electrician’s wages and the structure to fit them, maintaining them would be difficult as well. Thus, for several reasons, customers would need to settle for dull single color lighting. The new generation of solar landscape lighting eliminates all these problems. Flaunt your colorful persona by choosing a color that fits your mood with a single light. Don’t just brighten up your landscape; color them according to your wish.

Ideal for several businesses

For business establishments that could benefit from aesthetically beautiful outdoor settings in the evening modern solar lighting can be a big boon. Besides cutting costs on maintenance and electricity bills, businesses can change lighting schemes, according to the occasion and customer preferences. Whether it’s restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, parks or outdoor event venues, the new solar lighting will impress customers like never before.
Low maintenance

Are you tired of regularly replacing damaged lights or calling your electrician again and again? Get your solar landscape light that are easy to clean and maintain and are built to last long. The solar landscape lighting is not just waterproof but is also easy to clean and maintain.

A green solution

Solar landscape lighting are not just cost efficient but are also beneficial for the environment. Customers can not just reduce their electricity bills, but can also lessen their carbon footprint. Get the best lighting solution for your outdoors with solar lighting.

Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

With the advances in lighting technology today, there are many different ways to light up your kitchen without resorting to the traditional overhead lighting that can prove inefficient and lead to higher electricity bills. With the advent of LED cupboard lights, strips and spotlights, there is now a wide variety of options that can be tailored to all types of needs.

One of the most popular new solutions comes in the form of strip LED cupboard lights, which can be attached to the underside of kitchen cabinets in order to illuminate work surfaces and food preparation spaces. This compares favourably to other kitchens with more traditional lighting, where shadows can mean darker conditions for preparing food.

Also known as LED tape lighting, this solution is easy to install and comes in a variety of different colours, meaning that there is something to suit everyone’s home. This kind of lighting is also particularly good for modern homes, as strip LED cupboard lights have a distinctly contemporary appearance.

Another kind of light that is popular in the kitchen is the battery operated LED downlight, which is also very practical for illuminating worktops by being attached to the underside of kitchen cabinets. These generally come in a variety of styles, from the classic circular spotlight shape to a round light embedded in a contemporary stainless steel wedge shape.

There are many difficult types of these LED cupboard lights, so those interested in decorating their home with this lighting solution should take their time to shop around to find something that suits their tastes and their needs.

One other form of kitchen cabinet lighting is the strip light which, despite the name, is distinctly different from the strip LED lights mentioned above. This option resembles a more modern version of the classic strip light that is found in offices and industrial buildings around the nation, providing a bright bar of light over a particular area.

Although the original strip light is not known for its aesthetically pleasing qualities, the newer versions of this lighting solution are much classier than the original, retaining their modern look but instead being more delicate and discrete, emitting a more pleasant light.

Like the other two types of LED cupboard lights mentioned above, strip lights can be placed on the underside of cabinets to illuminate work surfaces,and can be battery powered or plugged into the mains, depending on the preferences of the homeowner.

In all cases, it should be noted that these types of kitchen light are not only suited to installing under kitchen cabinets in order to increase the light cast onto work surfaces. They are also very convenient for lighting up the inside of your kitchen cabinets, ideal for finding what you are looking for at the back of your cupboards.

These items can also be used as downlights around kitchen cabinets at floor level in your kitchen, and this is particularly the case with tape LED lights and strip lights. Placing your light in these areas is an innovative way of lighting a room without the use of overhead lights, and is great for if there are obstacles on the floor that need illuminating.

You can also choose to invest in lighting which adds a beautiful and creative touch to your kitchen space. This looks good when you position your lights at lower levels, as mentioned above, to provide a kind of ambient lighting in a room.

For lighting your counters and worktops, it is best to remember that bright white light is the best for helping you see, so if practicality is your priority, choosing lamps that emit this colour of light is your best bet. If not, try experimenting with a variety of colours and styles to create a unique lighting combination that suits both your tastes and requirements.

God Is Not Dead

God Is Not Dead

This is the Scientific Age. Man wants proof for everything. Even for the existence of God!

But God is beyond proof. Scientists like Newton believed God. But in this modern age when we are able to explain everything, could it be possible to prove the existence of God.

Toward the end of 19th century, the philosopher Nietzsche declared through one of his fictional characters that ‘God is dead’.

Now based on Quantum Science some scientists are trying to prove the existence of God. One such person is Amit Goswami. He is a theoretical nuclear physicist and member of The University of Oregon Institute for Theoretical Physics since 1968.

Goswami very strongly believes that the existence of God could be settled by scientific evidence. He claims already it is in God’s favor.

The book has five parts, Introduction, The evidence for downward causation, The evidence for the subtle bodies, Downward causation revisited and Quantum Activism.

He offers two kind of evidence namely ‘the quantum signatures of the divine’ and ‘subtle domains of reality’.

Mental events are acting to cause physical events. This is known as downward causation.

An architect who would like to build a house will start with an idea first and then he would make a blue print of the idea. Then he will start the work.

Similarly now we are able to see the idea of God via Supramental (Body of Laws) and then the blueprint via vital body. The physical body is His work.

The author gives a number of examples based on scientific evidence to prove his point that God Exists. He shows that all the sciences – physics, biology, psychology and medicine – need the hypothesis of downward causation.

Once Dalai Lama was asked if there was any scientific research that would ever prompt him to give up his Buddhist beliefs about spirituality. To this Dalai Lama replied that if scientists could ever prove that reincarnation never happens, he might change his mind.

But Stevenson has collected a lot of evidence in proof of reincarnation.

The author himself was invited to join a group of scientists at a conference in Dharma Sala, India in 1999.

The 30 or so scientists presented his or her ideas to the venerable Dalai Lama. The conference was aimed at integrating science and spirituality.

In order to find out God one has to give up materialistic view and adopt the path of Karma Yoga, doing good without expecting the result there of.

The book has been written in a lucid style, so that even an ordinary reader could understand our origins and how we should live. Number of anecdotes are interwoven to explain the principles of quantum physics.

Amit Goswami has a knack of explaining things simply. That is his plus point.

Those who believe God, for them no explanation is necessary. Atheists who do not believe God will never accept Him even after getting enough evidence. So this book is for the people who would strengthen their belief once they get new ideas based on scientific evidence.

The Multifaceted Use Of Tissue Paper

The Multifaceted Use Of Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a lightweight paper or, light crêpe paper that can be made from recycled paper pulp. It is produced on the paper machines with a drying cylinder filled with a hot air hood. Made of paper pulp, the final product is a process of applying adhesive to the cylinder and creping the paper with a blade that is used to scrape the paper off the cylinder. The absorption capacity of the paper is increased by a through air-drying process. With high concentration of NBSK and CTMP, it has a high wet tensile strength and a high water retaining capacity.


It is often used in a wide array of applications. The basic use of tissue papers remains in the hygienic department with the tissues being used for a number of applications ranging from the facial tissue to paper handkerchiefs. Hygienic ones are also used as the bathroom tissues and household towels. Tissue paper in the modern age is generally used in the preparation of facial tissues. Facial tissues are generally sold in boxes and help in the expulsion of nasal mucous sanitarily. The facial tissues can also be used to wipe sweat and dirt from the face.

The tissue handkerchief owes its high popularity to the easy disposability of these tissues and their soaking ability. Thus, these tissues can be used to treat minor wounds, stopping bleeding and cleaning spectacles, etc. These have received a boost in sales due to the epidemic of the swine flu that has flooded the world. Since the simple act of covering your mouth can help to stop the spreading of the epidemic, its use has been propagandized in the recent years with the slogan “catch it, bin it, kill it” in the UK.

Paper towels are also one of the most common applications of the tissue paper and are made with recycled fiber or chemical pulp or even a mixture of both. With a higher strength, these towels are ideal for applications in the kitchen or wiping of the skin. Wrapping tissues are created from tissue papers and are provided to form a soft cushioning for any fragile elements and can be found in the packaging process of many industries. Toilet tissues are sold as rolls of tissue paper, while table napkins can be found as decorations in many restaurants.

Buying tissue paper at wholesale rates can help you to procure this everyday item at a significantly lower rate. With a versatile usage, the tissue paper is a basic necessity of daily life.